Attention Educators!

Are you tired of wasting valuable class time on bad behavior?

This class is for YOU!


I had NO IDEA how many things I was doing that were wrong. We’ve got to do better. I will do better!
— Youth care worker, Mental Health Matters attendee

In my time training and consulting thousands of educators across the country, I've heard some of the same complaints. 

  • These kids don't want to learn.
  • I'm tired of writing referrals and seeing nothing change.
  • I don't think my students even respect me.
  • I spend so much time on the 'bad' kids that don't have time to teach!

Does that sound like you?

The truth is, most of us didn't learn what we truly need to know about managing behaviors and now with larger classes, more academic rigor and children who come to school having experienced trauma, we're not prepared to help kids are ready for a fight. Overly punitive discipline measures may get you some compliance but they will leave you drained and your kids won't be eager to learn from a teacher they don't even like.  You've got to employ some specific strategies that will help you reach your students so that they can manage themselves and you can get back to what you love...teaching.

Trauma Informed Behavior Management


In this LIVE masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to manage the behaviors of your diverse classroom without spending all your time on discipline
  • How to correct behavior without constant threats and punishment
  • Positive strategies that teach your students life skills and not just compliance
  • Practical, easy to apply techniques that build relationships with your students

Join lead facilitator, Calvalyn Day, and your colleagues from around the world to learn techniques you can apply from day 1. 


  • Drag 'Em Kicking and Screaming ebook ($19.99 value) This best seller has been used by educators across the country to improve learning by building healthy relationships with every student they serve.
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing learning and collaboration
  • Printable resources to maximize your learning and simplify your classroom processes


Excellent! Loved the info presented and presentation style — engaging and energetic. Gaining more confidence to help and ideas how to make my room a safe place. This was the best session I attended!
— Professional Development Workshop Atendee (2).png

Hi Guys, I'm Calvalyn.

I'm a lifelong Hoosier, family coach, licensed school counselor,  mom of four and grandmother of two and I am passionate about helping teachers, teach well

As busy as I am, I don't have any extra hours in my day, but I do pride myself on being efficient and effective and I can help you do the same.  I have personally trained thousands of teachers and now I have the pleasure of personally coaching educators who wake up every morning and head right to the trenches. I believe in relationships first, quality curriculum and making sure that everyone who enters a training I've produced leaves with a healthy dose of inspiration and information.

I want to help you reach and teach all your students.

The amount of resources that are available on the Facebook group is awesome! Thank you for encouraging so many conversations among our staff!
— Blended Model Coaching Client
Calvalyn was enthusiastic and engaging. The content was fantastic, but I especially appreciated the real world examples. Clear and valuable info.
— Youth Care Worker


What is a masterclass?

My definition of a masterclass is a course or workshop that takes your skills from beginner to advanced.  You'll learn theory and practice so you can apply the techniques in your daily life in whatever situations that come up in your classroom.  This is designed to help you feel capable, competent and compelled to reduce the negative behaviors while increasing engagement and on-task ones. We'll use some specific examples and you can ask your questions live.

When is the class?

This class will be recorded LIVE on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 6pm.  The recording will be available shortly after that. Because it's virtual, (yea for pajama time!) you'll be able to access the class at your convenience.

How do I register?

Click the join now link and you'll be taken to the screen to complete your purchase. Then, within a couple hours, you'll get an email containing your login instruction and your bonus materials.

Will I get a certificate of attendance?

Absolutely! You'll get a certificate for each training and there will be opportunities for you to gain additional hours as well.