If Content Is King, Then "Sticky" is the Queen

Recently, an entrepreneur I work with decided to contract out her IT needs related to an upcoming launch.  She was thrilled to not be responsible for creating a landing page, linking her email server and all the beautifying of her electronic opt-in offer.

Then, she opened the email from her assistant asking where was the CONTENT for the aforementioned items.

And she broke out in a sweat.

Like most small business owners, she's busy. Running a thriving coaching practice, networking and you know, living, all take a fair amount of time and let's just say, speaking is more her strong suit and writing takes a far back seat. Capable? Sure.  She can write, but it's not her zone of genius. Not to mention, she doesn't really enjoy it.

And the truth is, many people don't. According to a recent report joint authored by LinkedIn and Curata, while 89% of businesses are using content marketing, most say creating enough is a constant battle.

In the age of digital marketing, everyone tells you that you must have an online presence. A list. You have to nurture your existing and potential clients, and you've got to give them relevant, inspiring content that leads them to the sale. Some of us are good at presenting interesting information, but doing so in a way that stands out is getting to be an art form.

20 years ago none of us could imagine people making an entire living online.  But now, we are so digitally connected, both brick and mortar and location independent businesses are using electronic means of nurturing. Most of us get at least 100 emails per day and if you want to be one of the few that I or your target market actually opens you need to be delivering good content.  

I like to call it sticky content.

It's the type of Facebook post that gets likes, comments and shares. The pins that get circulated to thousands of boards and the email that not only gets opened, but actually gets a response.

Sticky content doesn't necessarily sell immediately, but it creates a connection. The connection is what leads to the sale.  Crafting sticky content isn't just about being attractive to your market but its hitting on the topic that they are interested in, in the way that they want to engage with it. 

Check out the image below.  Notice that both signs mean the same thing, but they convey something different.


While I wouldn't suggest picking up a hitch hiker with either sign, the truth is most people would consider the sign on your right hand side more than they would the gentleman on the left.  This is the difference between just putting out content and making it sticky. With a few extra words, or even fewer at times, you can convey a feeling that makes the connection you need to generate leads and sales.

Crafting sticky content requires that you know your audience and their pain points. You have to be able to relate that knowledge to them in a way that makes you seem like the natural savior from that pain. That includes getting in front of them in the right way and educating them about the solution you're holding in your hands.

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