Reluctant Entrepreneur

When I think about it, I always had an entrepreneur heart.

But I think I was naturally too practical for it.  Then there's that whole teen parent thing that made survival essential and luxuries like creativity something we couldn't afford.  Ultimately, like most things in life, what is meant to be will be and I have come full circle.

It started a few years ago, right before baby number four was born. I desperately wanted to stay home, for the first time in my life and I knew that zero income wasn't an option.  Part time employment that didn't come with full time child care costs was hard to come by, so I looked for less traditional methods of supplementing my husband's salary.  

First, I tried selling coupon holders. It was a natural fit since I am more frugal than most. My goal was to pair the cute organizers with my services of teaching women how to coupon the way I did and save their family hundreds of dollars each month. 

The problem is cheap people didn't want to pay for that service.  Then when the Extreme Couponer show came on and all the local grocery chains changed their coupon acceptance policies it wasn't nearly as much fun or as beneficial to coupon.  Strike one.

Next, I tried to make a go of working as a CPR instructor. I had the knowledge it was pretty easy and even the overhead was fairly low. But you know what? I never liked teaching CPR. It bored me to pieces and did nothing to fill that itch of creativity that I needed to scratch.  The money was reasonable, but I didn't just wanted a paycheck. I wanted a career that I could love and enjoy and that would grow with me and my family. Strike two.

The next chance fell in my lap. I had three kids heading into soccer and when I opened the registration email they mentioned needing someone to send emails and track payments. Seemed simple enough.  It was technically a combination of accounts receivable and bill collected and while I could easily complete it after my kids were down for naps, the paychecks were nothing to write home about. Strike three.

So after three strikes you think I'd be out.

You'd be wrong of course, because here you are reading this blog. While trying my hand at these different small business opportunities, I also completed a masters degree in counseling.(Nope, not superwoman but SUPER driven) Working full time in a school was not bad, but that itch to create and own my own time never went away.

But this time I did it my way.

What I learned from all three strikes is that there is a powerful balance for women to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. You have to have the right money, the right schedule and the right product to be happy in your career and your life.  One of my previous attempts offered me the right money, but I felt no connection to the output.  One offered me a good schedule, but the money was no good. One offered me an output I enjoyed, but the schedule didn't jive.

So I went back to what I know best. Counseling of sorts, but this time in helping other women do exactly what I had worked so hard to do over the years. Figure out how to make the most of the money, schedule and output of our lives in a way that leaves you tired at the end of the day, but fulfilled.

So that's my start up story, minus a few gory details. But it's why I'm so good at helping you get from your right now to what's next.  There's no shame in not knowing, it's the not doing that gets us in trouble.  Take a leap and let's get started today.