Help! My Facebook Page is Doing NOTHING: Making the Most of Facebook Insights

I can't tell you how often people tell me that they are getting NO traction with their Facebook page. If you don't have one, click over here to see why you need one, but hopefully you've already taking me up on that suggestion and now you're looking to maximize the potential of your page and taking a look at how your page performs.

Did you know that your insights tab will allow you to compare yourself to pages that interest your fans? There are likely pages that your ideal client follows regularly, even some that you enjoy viewing. If you are not sure what they are, ask. But you can also check around and see what pages people who follow you are also following. Once you have a good idea of who likes what, you can keep tabs, so to speak, on these pages and what they are doing that is working or not working so well.  On the insights tab, you can see where you rank in comparison to those pages, but more importantly you can also see what posts they have had that were most popular. Check it out here.

First, go to your Facebook page and look for the insights tab like so.

Next, click the Insights tab and load a few pages of interest to your fans. Once you have them listed, you'll be able to check and see how they are doing compared to you for the week, like so.

Then you want to see exactly which posts are working for them this week.  When you click on the page name as shown above you'll see a pop up box like this.

Here’s how you make that work for you.

1.       Share. The easiest way is to simply share the content that people liked on their page. It boosts their numbers and is likely formatted properly for the audience you want to hit. Generally, the Facebook algorithms are favorable on sharing, but of course you are in some ways driving traffic to the other page, so do this sparingly.

2.       Write a blog post. If you notice a theme, like all of the top posts are tutorials or about a certain subject, jot a quick blog post for the following week and then link to the content as well.

3.       Research similar content. Let’s say the most popular post on, a page that I follow was leaving your full time gig for your side hustle. I might find similar articles to that and share on my page as well. Another idea would be to interview a person or two who has done that successfully and add them to your page in a live video or Periscope.

4.       Ask a question. Maybe a controversial or charged article came across, get your page engaged by asking them to pick a side. Unless you’re a rebel, steer clear of politics on your business page, but something like whether or not to pay for Facebook ads or when people decided to outsource are safe enough to get a response but not draw a ton of spammy arguments.

5.       Make a quote. You can use or or even and pick out one or two key quotes or phrases from the content and make an image with the content to share on Facebook or other social media channels. See this one I created below.

Adding this method to your rotation of content creation also helps with you having to constantly come up with new material. There's nothing wrong with riding the wave, especially since it benefits you both.  

What pages are you loving right now? Share in the comments so we can all add them to our rotation.