Too "Smart" For Your Own Good? How Information Overload Kills Your Business

When I started on the idea of being a parent coach, that's what I called myself in those early days, I began the process much the same I begin anything.

I started reading. 

I am a maven of information. I love to acquire it, mull it over, process it and then share it. I started looking at other blogs, gathered tools, spent WAY too much time on Pinterest pinning like a bandit and getting excited about all the things I would be able to accomplish as I shared my message with the masses.

Then I signed up for my first webinar from an entrepreneur who swore that they had the key to that one thing I needed to get my business off the ground. 

I was hooked.

Facebook is so kind that once I clicked that link, it would consistently share more and more and more of those wonderful ads which promoted the next great webinar, masterclass or instant access video series.  And I kept clicking "learn more", "sign me up" or even "shop now". And I can honestly say, I learned a ton.  There are some amazing professionals giving a great deal of valuable content in these free sessions.

The problem is that after all these sessions, I was more confused than ever.

Do I focus on content or surveying customers? Should I invest in myself, by hiring my own coach or in my brand with a good website? What's more important creating the right package or working individually? Question, questions and more questions!  To the point where I was almost ready to quit. And then it hit me.

Clarity comes from action.

Too much training and information only clouds my mind and doesn't give me a chance to truly let the work speak to me. There is a such thing as "too" prepared.  And I was about to hit it.

Are you there?

When I offer my potential clients a FREE clarity session, I do so with the intention of making sure they have ACTION steps after our conversation. There's no point in me helping you have more things to try and figure out.  Let's narrow down that growing list of what you don't know how to do and get to the one thing you need to do right now.

If you're spending time jumping from opt-in to opt-in looking for the ah-ha moment, you can either check out one of my clarity sessions or start by checking out these 3 tips for getting out of your own head and into the game.

Opt-OUT. I might lose my internet marketing card for this, (not a real thing) but sometimes you have to silence the noise of a thousand sales funnels so you can actually see what your path should be. is a site that quickly lets you unsubscribe from all those newsletters you're receiving all shouting the best method to grow your business. To be honest many of them are saying similar things and sometimes you're getting duplicate messages clogging your inbox. The great thing is if anything good comes up, you can join again and in the meanwhile you've saved yourself a ton of distraction.

Start Small. One of the things I tell people is that your dreams should be big enough to scare you.  What's also true, is that your steps can be tiny as long as they are heading in the right direction.  Sometimes with the glitz and glam of social media, we all want a 6 figure launch.  In all honesty, maybe you don't need to have a big event. Maybe a small, intimate half day session with a few inner circle members is exactly what you need.  The bible says despise not small beginnings and you absolutely shouldn't either.

Do something random. Our brains are muscles that stretch and grow and the pathways created within the brain need to be pruned and shaped from time to time. Put down the laptop and go for a walk.  Call up an old friend and have coffee without talking about business.  Pick up a book solely for pleasure and get a new spark of joy and energy.  Entrepreneurs can be consumed by our passion for business which does nothing for our sense of balance.  Frustration is the enemy of creativity.  Let loose and watch the inspiration come.