Life Lessons From Simple Stories: Higher is Waiting


I remember reading so voraciously as a child that I could finish a book in one sitting. 

At the time, I was more interested in tweenager fictional accounts, and even thought now I rarely have enough uninterrupted time to finish a book in one setting, I'm still a sucker for a good story.

Tyler Perry's Higher Is Waiting definitely fits the bill.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone who churns out stage productions, feature films and television series by the boatload would be a good storyteller, but I was a little surprised.  Truthfully, I have to admit I knew very little about Tyler Perry's personal history before being given an advance copy to review. I knew he had close relationships with the matriarchs in his family which contributed to his creating the character, Madear, in homage to them.  I knew he'd had a tough run at creating his dream career, funding his early productions with his last dimes, but I didn't know about the struggles he'd had as a young child, living with an abusive father.

In this book, he describes his history, but not just with details of the trauma, but with a complex intertwining of the good, the bad and the comical.  And more importantly, by weaving together the lessons he's learned through the years combined with scriptural references and the nuggets of wisdom he gleaned from each experience. 

One story, about how Tyler worked at a local pet shop and learned how clipping a bird's wings can keep them grounded stuck out to me.  While he describes loving his job, and enjoying seeing the birds up close and personal, he realized then, and more as an adult, that losing the ability to fly is a terrible fate when one is meant to soar.  He goes on to describe how we, as humans can become "clipped" by life. From hard circumstances or painful experiences to disappointment and betrayal, losing our ability to soar is a waste of the God given purpose we each have.

The connection between his youthful experiences and mature reflections makes this book a quick and enjoyable read. I'll be gifting my mother a copy since she is a fan through and through.  I think she'll get quite a kick out of the simple lessons of childhood holding the key to a bright future and I think a few of these stories, rooted in the simplicity of southern summers and the strength of a foundation in the Word will be a wonderful surprise for her.  If you'd like to win a copy of Higher Is Waiting, click here for your chance.  Winner will be drawn December 1.

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