Work Smarter, Not Harder: 3 Reasons Why Freezer Cooking Can Makeover Your Mealtime


Back to school time brings homework, extra-curricular activities and plenty of reasons to run through the drive-thru, instead of standing over a hot stove after a long day at work. 

But since I've committed to taking better care of myself which starts with eating more whole foods diet, drive thru lines really aren't going to cut it. I've also noticed that my kids moods and behaviors, including sleep patterns and energy levels seem to be connected to what they eat, so I have even more reasons to keep track of what fuel we're putting in our bodies. 

Freezer cooking, or batching meals for the freezer, is a great way to get your family meals under control.  By using the perks of major manufacturing and creating an assembly line, you can cook up to 10 meals in nearly the same amount of time as it takes to cook one.  With a few extra tools, and a chest freezer for storage, you can double or triple your efforts.  But should you really turn your home into a commercial kitchen for a day? Here's a few reasons you might want to give it a try.

Saves Money

Due to the fact that you'll be purchasing in bulk you'll save money. Not going to the grocery store as often as you did before will keep you from picking up those impulse buys. When you do freezer cooking, you limit your grocery store trips to the day before you prepare the food and you shop with a list. This automatically means money savings.

Better Nutrition for Your Family

You know and I know that when we get too busy we tend to go through the drive-thru. We know it's not healthy, but we're hungry, the kids are hungry, and we're exhausted. But, imagine you have food at home that you can easily reheat and serve that is healthy. No preservatives, actual food unlike that fast food burger. Many people find that with freezer cooking they lose weight because they are skipping the drive thru.

Take Control of Your Time

When Rachael Ray came out with her 30 minute meals some years back I thought I had fallen in love.  The idea of having a perfect family friendly meal on the table in less time than it takes to get a delivery pizza sure feels great.  But sometimes, between practices and homework you only have 30 minutes to eat and that leaves no time for cooking. Having food in the freezer that your spouse or kids can nuke while you're commuting means you can have quality family time rather than rushing to get dinner on the table.

If you want a few more tips about how to how to make freezer cooking work for you, check out my quick and easy ebook Freezer Cooking Basics and get ready to have more time in the evening.