Finding Your Happy Tribe


Have you ever walked into the break room at work and felt the energy of a thousand bad moods?

Moods are contagious. If you’re around a bunch of grumpy or anxious people, you’ll start to feel down. If on the other hand you are in a group of happy people, you can’t help but start to smile. It makes sense then to surround yourself with happy people if you want your own level of happiness to increase.

No, I'm not telling you to fire everyone or ditch all your friends, but I do want you to open your eyes to how these relationships may be affecting your moods.  We all have important people in our lives whom we love and cherish even if they are the Eyeore of our bunch. Plus we all have happier, and sadder seasons in our lives, who will hopefully balance these out. 

Instead, what I suggest is that you take note of who the happy people in your life are. Who are your cheerleaders that will cheer you on no matter what and who will put a smile on your face anytime you spend time with them? Take note of those positive people, be their friends, family, or even just acquaintances. Build a support system of happy people that you can turn to when you’re feeling down.

Along the same lines, you want to be careful about the negative and sad people around you and how they affect your own mood. When you’re having a hard time and are struggling with your own happiness levels, it may be better to avoid people or keep your time with them to a minimum.

When you are happy, don’t be afraid to share that happiness and spread it around. Smiling, laughing, and feeling good about life is contagious. Spread the joy and soak it up from happy people around you when you’re not feeling your personal best. Call up that friend that can instantly make you feel better, and talk to people around you who love and care for you about this idea of contagious happiness. Let them know when you could use some cheering up and then return the favor. Because, let’s face it, we all have times when we’re happier and in a much better mood than other days. Make it a habit to build each other up and create that happiness support system. It will make a huge difference in your life and those around you.