Toot Your Horn! Boost Your Mood By Loving Yourself

Think back to some of the happiest times in your life. Chances are that these are also the days when you felt your most confident. Maybe you excelled at sports during that time, or you aced a project at work. Confidence can be a huge happiness booster. But why wait for something good to happen in your life? Why not work on boosting your self-confidence, which in turn will increase your feeling of happiness.

There are all sorts of things you can do to boost your confidence. We’ll run through a few of them here. I also encourage you to read up on the topic, pay attention to times when you’re feeling more confident, and then work out a plan to intentionally boost your self-confidence based on your own research and experience.

The problem with boosting confidence is that we tend to respond to different strategies, techniques, and events. Some of us thrive on words of encouragement, while others want to see results, or thrive on kind actions from others. Are you the type of person who puts more meaning into a kind word from your boss, a raise, or a promotion? Or how about some public recognition at the latest company meeting. We all have different confidence triggers and one strategy is to zone in on those moments and savor them more.

General confidence boosters include words of encouragement, reflecting on how far we’ve come, doing something positive for our physical health like going out for a run, and choosing to deal with failure in a positive way. All of these can help give you an overall confidence boost, here are a few more tips to try.

Be like Oprah. No, you don't have to become a media mogul, but it could help for you to write a few lines about your day in a journal.  Keeping a journal lets you look back and see how much progress you’ve made. This is particularly sound advice if you’re trying to change your life, your habits, or make progress on a long-term project. Being able to flip back and see how far you’ve come can be very encouraging.

Choosing how you look at failure is another key strategy for boosting your own self-esteem. When things go wrong – and let’s face it, they will sooner or later – you can either allow it to bring you down and undermine your confidence, or you can look at it as a learning experience. Guess which view is better for your self-esteem? Many times, our mood takes a dip because we've focused on our failure as a part of who we are and not just something that we did or that happened.