The Power of The Pen: Writing Your Way To A Happy Heart


We’ve talked in the past about the fact that feeling grateful and acknowledging all the good things in our lives is a great way to increase our overall happiness. And even about how writing can help.  Getting in the habit of showing and experiencing more gratitude is a one of the most powerful ways to increase your feeling of happiness. Here's an exercise to help.

But how about a fun way to practice gratitude? You probably have a few sticky notes around your home, office or classroom.  Here's a fun way to take your gratitude practice from the journal pages to something a little more...happy.

The idea is simple. Each day you want to write for a few minutes about the various things you feel grateful for. Start with the upcoming things you're excited about, then think back on anything that made you happy throughout the previous day or week. By listing all the positive things in your life, you’re putting them into the forefront of your mind. That alone is bound to increase your mood and make you feel happier and more accomplished.

I've placed the notes on mirrors, I've seen them placed in on lockers and desks as well. You can share your gratitude, compliments or even funny thoughts. I'm thinking about waking my kids up with a few sticky notes myself.

Over time, when you save these items and review them, the memories will continue to provide you with a boost.  Think of your gratitude practice as a happiness battery. You’re storing your good feelings in an easy format that allows you to access and relive them on demand. What a powerful idea!

If you decide to use a journal, writing and reading your journal regularly will help you form new positive habits. You’ll start to have a more positive outlook in life, and since the journal forces you to think of and find the things and people you’re grateful for in any given day, your brain will automatically start to look for the positive instead of the negative. It’s easy to see how that can have a beneficial impact on your life over time.

So pull out the pen and paper and get writing!