Look Ahead, Hope Brings Happiness

Towards the end of the school year, there's an energy of exhaustion that rests on many a teachers' head.  I've always hypothesized it's the exact reason teacher appreciation week comes during the last month of the year.  There's something about the end of the year that zaps energy.

The beginning of the school year is much different.  A zesty almost electricity can fill the halls as teachers buzz about telling of their summer excursions and fall plans.  There is one difference between the beginning and the end and it's not the weather.

It's hope.

Charlie Applestein, one of my favorite child phychologists, says that hope is the fuel for humanity, which basically means it's what we need to keep going.  Without it we begin to drag. 

Some research has shown that hope is really the combination of having goals, knowing how to achieve them and actively working toward them is all it really takes to achieve hope. That hope helps create a foundation of a healthy mood and can give us a boost on the bad days. 

Want to give yourself a boost of hope? Create a 5 year plan for your family or career.  Choose a few steps you'll take each day to make progress on your goals. Always secretly dreamed of traveling abroad? Start by applying for your passport.  Want to own your own home, but stuck renting for a few more years? Walk through a model home or see a mortgage lender to create a plan.  Hope isn't about everything being perfect, but it is about you believing that you'll be okay even if it's not.