Happy People Choose Better

If you've been faithful to the Choose Happy Challenge, you're probably starting to notice a trend. 

Happiness is all about you, and the choices you make.

The other day my 8 year old, who is by far my happiest child, asked me if she could change her bus.  Curious, I asked her why she wanted to do that.  She replied something to the fact that the other bus driver was nicer than hers. She was not pleased with my response of course, and was actually pretty surprised by the fact that buses are assigned based on your address.  You'd think that was the end of the conversation, but not with this child.

The next morning she asked, "So, if we move I could have a different bus?"

Insert face palm emoji here.

Yes, this child of mine believes that she can always choose what will make her happy. She sees no problems, only potential, and she uses every ounce of her creative energy to find solutions for what she is most eager to achieve.  She's always willing to consider what she needs to do to get what she wants, so I shouldn't have been surprised that she looked at the problem of a grumpy bus driver and considered every possible solution right down to moving from our home.

What if you did that? Not the moving part, but what if you looked at your problems as simply circumstances rather than facts and focused your attention on solutions?  A great deal of unhappiness can be traced to feeling stuck in an uncomfortable or unwanted situation. Some of the happiest people on the planet have been through extraordinary challenges, but they have chosen to make things better. 

What's awesome is that better begins when YOU say it does.  When you decide things will be better you unleash the full potential of your amazing mind to find solutions and while you'll immediately feel more hopeful, within no time at all you'll likely see results.

So what can you choose to make better today? Maybe you can't change the number of papers on your desk ready for grading or the small window of time between when you get off work and when all three of your kids need to be at the evening activities, but what can you change?  Maybe you can choose to listen to an inspirational podcast or audiobook on the drive. What if you chose to be grateful for the opportunities you're able to provide your kids? Or maybe this is an awesome time for you to reevaluate which activities you allow your kids to participate in. 

In the pursuit of happiness, make the only non-negotiable, enjoying your life.  Everything else is a choice.