We Are What We Routinely Do

If you know a tree by the fruit it bears, then you know a person by the habits they keep.

The truth is, happy people have lots of things in common.  They are routinely optimistic, they are present in the moment and they choose to make steps toward the life they want to live. 

Unhappy people can generally be categorized in the same way as well.  They routinely focus on the negative in a particular situation.  They don't believe that they have control over the outcomes so they feel powerless and they spend more time than average people complaining.

By engaging in the Choose Happy Challenge, you've committed to creating a habit to intentionally focus on joy.  That is one habit that will serve you well. 

Today, look at the habits in your life and whether they serve you or hinder you as we prepare to end this challenge in less than a week.  Does staying up late help or hurt your mood? Did you feel more hopeful when you skipped the workout or after a vigorous class? That friend or co-worker you eat lunch with, do you feel better or worse after your time together?

Choose the habits that will produce the life you want to live.