Tools Of The Trade: Book Brush Review

It’s funny how you learn things over the years.

When I started writing professionally years ago, I was happy to come up with the words, thousands of them even, but the artistic side? That was not for me. Cover design, graphics all of that felt foreign to me and I hated it.

If only I would have found this tool sooner.

Most of us have seen those snazzy Amazon ads for new books that highlight the cover and give you the appearance of a professional photo shoot. But when you’re an independent author, creating a perfect photo shoot to share your book is not likely in your budget.

book brush.jpg

But what if that was your book on that coffee table?

Writing ebooks can you be a lucrative side hustle for you if you have the right content that meets a particular need. It’s even a wonderful way to share your message or spark a dialogue with your audience and can be done for little to no money even if you don’t have a heavy duty publishing house behind you. But with millions of books available how can you make your book stand out?

Enter Book Brush, an inexpensive tool for creating professional images to promote your next project. Check out what I created to promote my ebook, Get Teens Talking.


Isn’t that awesome?!?

In just a few minutes you can make your own book covers on for free, upload the image to Book Brush and voila, you’ve got a perfect image to represent your work and promote across any of your social media platforms..

Here’s a couple tips to help you bring your words to life.

First, make sure your image is good quality. You’ll want more than a basic cell phone image but you can also find stock photos for free on sites like Don’t just google images, that is a NO NO and can land you in hot water if you don’t have permission to use an image. Even the free sites typically have links to paid places where you can get more options if you choose.

Next, choose a design that goes with your book’s theme. Choose from predesigned templates or customize to your heart’s desire. Try to match complimentary colors as well.

Lastly, SHARE. Your book and the fabulous images that now go with it will help no one or make you any money if you don’t spread the word. Post on your social media, add links to newsletters or your blog and even ask friends to take a look by texting or calling them.

Have you created an ebook? Share your link in the comments below!