Oh The Times, They Are A'Changing


Sometimes are prayers are answered in unexpected ways and at less than ideal times.

But I'll take answered prayers any day. 

I tend to believe that my decision to be a public figure and coach shouldn't necessitate my children losing their right to privacy, so while I write on this blog almost daily, I'm fairly private about my daily family life. I've chosen to share this part of my life, at their request and encouragement.  It's a daring greatly moment of vulnerability so thanks in advance for your support.

For some time, my oldest daughter has been "on her own" and it's been my prayer that God would bring her home, spiritually and figuratively. This summer he's chosen to bring her home physically.  This makes for quite the change as our seemingly quiet existence has been interrupted by the pitter patter of little grandbaby feet. I am choosing to believe that this physical change is on the road to the other changes I'm awaiting, but it does mean quite the transition for our house.

Last year when my second went off to her first year as a college student, we became a family of 4 for the first time in a decade. Say hello sedans and short waits at restaurants.  I distinctly remember when we became a family of 6 and thinking, how on earth am I going to do this. I started reading books about large family functioning and stretching a household budget.  I had nine months to prepare and I was a little younger in those days, but I rolled my sleeves up and it was good.  Mostly good.

Now, we're a family of 8, soon to be 9.  Yes, NINE.

Yes, I accept all prayers.

I'm a little older now, and shall we say a bit rusty.  Having my youngest kids able to stay home for a brief spell alone and fully capable of making a snack while I'm working in my home office means I've had a certain amount of freedom.  Now, with a 1,3 and soon to be newborn joining the family, you can only imagine how the times are changing around these parts. 

But as with any major change, there are pros and cons and here's a pic of one of the really big pros.

'Baby Brother' Caiden takes a selfie with Mimi

'Baby Brother' Caiden takes a selfie with Mimi

There are lots of pros.  Seeing the grandkids more.  Watching the maturing of my younger girls as the lead their young nephews to make good choices and be kind.  And even having the resources to provide for the needs of our expanding home.  All of these are blessings. 

There are some cons of course.  Like NEVER. ENDING. LAUNDRY. And round robin in the bathroom.  I haven't seen our most recent utility bill yet, but I can imagine it's more than it's been.  There's also the emotional piece.  Having not one, but two adult children back in the house makes for different conversations and negotiating household functioning in a new way as well. Some days are good and others I pray myself to sleep and wait for the morning to bring new mercies.

After one of the adult children noted that our house was unique enough to be featured on a dedicated section of the blog, I decided to open our doors a little more.  She thought you might like to see her 11 year old sister making Chicken Alfredo from scratch by memory or watch how we get the house in order after a monster grocery haul, so over the next few months, we'll share those snapshots.  My youngest has dubbed this the best summer ever and as we look to create those memories, we'll take you along.  If you want to catch the new posts as soon as they are live, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.  Or you can get the weekly email updates along with freebies by joining my news you can use list

We've got big things in store and I'm excited to share with you.  The times are changing and the best is yet to come.