For Women who want to make a living...and a LIFE!
Things have gotten bad, REAL bad.

You've yelled, cried, stressed yourself almost sick, and things still aren't any better. 

What you need is someone who understands. Someone who can listen and help you find a better way. 

Your Better Starts TODAY!

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Your Family

Sometimes after a long day at work you dread walking in the door.  You love your kids, but you can't get them to listen, you're embarrassed by their behavior or you're tired of the constant calls from their school about what's going on while you're trying to work.  You've asked friends and family, but you've begun to think you need some professional help.

As a mother of four, grandmother of two and with over 15 years of experience in and around schools, there isn't much I haven't seen when it comes to parenting children. I firmly believe that most of us are one decision away from an entirely different experience.  My passion is helping you make that decision so you can bring peace and happiness to your home.



Your Best Life

My clients are hard working parents, passionate about living life and raising awesome kids.  But they find themselves being overwhelmed and falling just a little bit short day after day.  Does this sound like you?

  • You're having the same argument with your spouse but never resolving it
  • You're constantly worried about the kids, but not sure where to start
  • You're waking up tired AND going to bed exhausted
  • You're busy all the time, but never feel like you're getting ahead
  • You're working hard, but still don't feel financially secure

See, you are not alone and you are not crazy.  The conveniences of modern life often bring with it a whole set of challenges.  Let me help you make your life WHOLE.

My coaching helps you get clear on your goals and create systems and routines in your household to help you achieve them. 


Your Classroom and Beyond

Whether you're a classroom teacher, a youth church leader or even volunteering with your local scouting group or mentor organization, the work of working with youths and families takes not only your passion but a specific set of tools.  I've trained, coached and mentored THOUSANDS of educators through the years on the benefits of being strengths based and focused on relationships.  If you are interested in bringing training or coaching to your school or church, click the link below to request your free consultation.