Content Creation and Author Support Services

We all have a story.  Let me help you tell yours.


Content Creation

You know the gist of what you want to say, but you don't know exactly how to say it. Or maybe you're just so busy doing the work of your business that you don't have the time to do the writing about your business. 

Just because you need content on your site doesn't mean you have to do all the writing.  I take your story and use my words to show your audience why they should love you!


Social Media Management

"What's a tribe and how do I get one?!?"  Whether you're going the traditional publishing route or are self-publishing, you need to have a big enough audience to carry the message. 

Consistent posting of relevant content is essential to make sure your audience is eager to hear from you.  Don't get caught in the social media time trap, let me curate and post the content your audience wants to see.


Author Coaching and Accountability group

You've wanted to write a book for as long as you can remember, but every time you start, you get distracted or disappointed that everyone around isn't as excited about this as you are.

Work directly with me, and fellow authors, to get your story out of your head and into written form.  Don't go it alone,  I'll show you how to stay on track with actionable steps.