"Great Teachers Focus on Connection and Relationship"

And this tool will help you do just that!


Written by passionate professional educators with over 50 combined years of experience, Drag 'Em Kicking and Screaming: Your 7 Step Action Plan to At-Risk Student Success is filled with easy to apply, simple yet meaningful strategies to help you connect with all your students.  This book is the answer to those gnawing complaints we hear in the breakroom.

  • These kids don't want to learn.
  • I'm tired of writing discipline referrals and nothing ever changes.
  • I don't think my students even respect me.
  • I spend so much time on the 'bad' kids that don't have time to teach!

Does that sound like you?

The truth is, while we were learning all about lesson planning and pedagogy, what we needed to also learn was how to reach children who struggle with emotional regulation, building healthy attachments and controlling their behaviors.  There are some kids who are resistant to relationships.  Those who have been hurt in the past, those who because of their own emotional needs may be pushing others away.  These kids need you the most, but they need you equipped with the tools to help them trust you.  The 34 tips in this book are designed to help you build the relationships that will let you do what you love...teach!

How great would it feel to have your students truly know and appreciate how much you care?

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Hi Guys, I'm Calvalyn.

I'm a lifelong Hoosier, family coach, licensed school counselor,  mom of four and grandmother of two and I am passionate about helping teachers, teach well. When I and my co-authors wrote this book, around our Thanksgiving table, we wanted to share the things that we used everyday to help us help our students.  These simple tools will invigorate your teaching with no technology or fancy bells and whistles necessary.

I have personally trained and coached thousands of teachers to use this strategies and have heard amazing results. I believe in relationships first, quality curriculum and making sure that everyone who enters a training I've produced leaves with a healthy dose of inspiration and information. This book will give you just that.

I want to help you reach and teach all your students.

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